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Which wine cooler to choose

Between a wine cooler to store dozen bottles in your living room and another for two hundred to place in your basement or garage, there is a big difference, and it’s not only a matter of size. Every wine cooler has its own features and functionalities for an specific use.

For the easiest search and selection of the wine cooler you need or you want to gift, we have developed an SMART SEARCH RECOMMENDER FOR SELECTING WINE COOLERS which guides you step by step through simple questions to the ideal model you need.

Click here to go directly to the page recommender, or continue reading some tips and questions for considering how to choose a wine cooler.

recomendador de vinotecas



For choosing the model that corresponds exactly to your needs, simply consider a few important things:


You must consider if you want the wine bar for ageing wine bottles with the possibility of keeping others for its regular use or you prefer only wine bars for ageing wine bottles for a long time or finally whether its use will be to keep wine bottles ready to be served at the right temperature.

Depending on your needs, there are different models:

In la Sommelière, they are divided into three ranges (lines) of different products. Thus, the Traditional line for aging wine, Service line for storing wine at optimal temperature and the Prestige line that combines the above two functions.

In Vinobox they are divided into two different product ranges, First Class (PC) range now consists of 7 models. It is a simple and inexpensive range that allows the preservation of wine bottles. Its dimensions and aesthetics make it the perfect tool in the service of wine.

And the Great class (GC) range currently consists of 9 models. It is a complete range that allows the preservation of wines. The physical separation between the two temperature zones (in the 2T models) makes this range a very precise tool, GC range is the luxury line of Vinobox wine coolers.



You should think about the place where it will be located: an apartment or a large house.
On the other hand, if the wine cooler is to be installed in the kitchen, where the ambient temperature may be between 18 and 26 ° C or, for example, in a garage, where the temperature could drop considerably.

In the latter case, we can recommend for a model equipped with a HIVER system La Sommèliere that allows you to keep wine at a regular temperature, even if it is less than 5 ° C, in the place chosen for its location.



The number of bottles to be stored is definitely a major factor to consider. You also have to think about the type of bottles to keep as their shape often differs, among which are Red, White, Champagne, etc ... For all this, the trays Sommelière has adapted to the different types of bottles, within its range accessory.

 - Wine Coolers from 8 to 20 bottles

- Wine Coolers from 24 to 50 bottles

- Wine Coolers from 60 to 205 bottles



Depending on your budget, we recommend.

Up to 200 €: Vinosphere VN8, and its older sister Vinosphere Vino18K, along with La Sommeliere LS20B are most given away.

Up to 300 €: Vinobox 16GC and Caso Wine Duet 12, are the most successful wine coolers.


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