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Frecuent Asked Questions




Shipping times are as stated in the product sheet for each model. It is important to take it into account and check them because they may vary depending on brands, models, or availability. 

In the SHIPPING AND RETURNS section of the product sheet, the delivery time is always approximate.

Why do we say it is approximate?

Because transport is not an exact science, and sometimes, on an exceptional basis, there may be factors that cause some delay that normally we cannot control, although we can intervene to speed up and solve as much as possible. 

Delivery times always run from the day the order is placed if it is made before 13:00. If it is done after 13:00 the term will count from the following day.

An order made on Friday or the eve of a holiday from 1:00 p.m., will start counting the period from Monday or the next business day. Saturdays and holidays do not count in the delivery times.

This is because the agencies prepare shipments in the afternoon and need a deadline to accept orders.

Our products are normally fragile and delicate, often heavy, and require handling that has nothing to do with other types of products that are more suitable for express parcels. Even so, the usual period is 24/48 hours in most brands if the order is placed before 13:00.

Any questions about the term consult our chat or email [email protected] before ordering.


Locate my shipment


Normally in the first 6 to 48 hours from when you placed the order, you will receive in your email (or in your account if you registered as a customer) or a tracking that will link you directly to the carrier's website or the name and telephone number of the agency and its issue number.

As we mentioned earlier, wine cellars are sometimes delivered, due to their volume, through agencies that are not typical of general parcels, and to know the status of your order and to coordinate or solve incidents directly with the agency, its facilitation is facilitated. phone and shipping number. Contact them in the first instance for information or solution of incidence if any. Most of the time they are problems of absences or errors in the addresses that you, better than anyone, can clarify, coordinate and solve with the local carrier. If you need more help or it is a problem that they cannot solve, please contact us by email at [email protected] or [email protected], indicating the order number and a brief description of the problem. 

By email it is much more efficient, the problem will be recorded for follow-up and it will have a faster response than by phone. We appreciate your collaboration on this point.


Checking the condition of the merchandise


Once you receive the product, you must check that it has arrived without knocks or cosmetic defects. There are 24 hours (whole days) (working days) to claim this type of insurance damage. After that period, no claims are allowed. You must do it by email to [email protected] or [email protected], indicating the order number and attaching photos of the damage.

If it is a gift to be delivered another day, do not wait for the day you are going to deliver it to open the box and check. If the 24 hours have passed and you discover that you have a blow, the insurance will not be responsible for the replacement of the product.

We always refer to blows, scratches, or aesthetic defects of any kind. If you communicate within the first 24 hours, it will be changed without any problem. You do not need to check the operation. For this, the product is covered by the 3-year warranty.

Delivery of large and heavy products or on floors without a lift

Agencies do not deliver wine cellars on floors without a lift. They are normally heavy and bulky products, and above all fragile.

If the delivery is on a floor without an elevator or if stairs have to be saved, you must put the means or notify us in order to evaluate what resources are needed to calculate the additional cost to be charged for that service.




We do not install the products that are shipped. With the exception of the built-in wine coolers in columns, the wine coolers generally do not require any installation, just plug them in. 

Important to note that if it is a compressor you must wait a minimum of 12 hours before starting it.

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