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The ideal temperature

Specialists have different points of view about the wine ageing temperature. However they agree in two aspects:

1. Temperature must be between 10 and 16ºC depending on the wine type.. A temperature lower than 10ºC slows down the maturation process preventing the wine to develop fully; while a temperature higher than 16ºC artificially speeds up this process.

2. LIkewise, its very important to avoid abrupt temperature changes that destroy wine qualities.

Prestige and Tradition wine coolers have in motion cooling systems to maintain a uniform and precise temperature.

- Digital thermostats accuracy indicate the exact temperature inside your wine cooler.
- La Sommelière non-digital thermostats allow an estimate thermal regulation.
- The excellent quality of insulation systems, guarantees the perfect temperature inside your wine cooler.
- Regardless the room temperature*, HIVER function guarantees the maintenance of the temperature needed inside your wine cooler. You can also install the wine cooler in a low temperature room such as a winery.

*Room temperatures between 5 and 38º..

-Tradition models, multi-temperature wine coolers from Prestige range and models LS28 and LS16 from Service range, have visual and acoustic alarms which turn on if the temperature inside the wine cooler changes from the one programmed (within 40 min aprox).

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