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Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin  caja y libro 2

  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin  caja y libro 2
  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin caja y libro
  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin detalle
  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin  caja y libro 3
  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin detalle 2
  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin  caja y libro
  • Libro 54 aromas Le Nez du Vin
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Le Nez du Vin 54 Masterkit aromas

Aromatic palette in a book box
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  • Vinoteca brand Le Nez du Vin



  • The reference work by Jean Lenoir for training your sense of smell
  • Set in a sophisticated red case, 54 superb quality aromas come to life in your scent memory for you to recognize in fine wines
  • 54 index cards explain the real link between aromas and wine
  • Available in Castilian.Contact for other languages


Includes 3 years official warranty and after-sales service.

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La nariz del vino

  • A wine’s aromas can give us an indication of this wine’s country, region and vineyard of origin. They also tell us about the grape varietal/s used to make the wine, the winemaking techniques utilized and the aging conditions to which the wine has been subjected
  • The easiest way to learn how to distinguish the aromas of the wine is to use the Wine Aromas (Le Nez du Vin) wine education kit
  • It is an essential tool for anyone, who wishes to learn how to accurately identify specific aromas in wine Thanks to it, you will identify the type and origin of whichever wine you are sampling. Ultimately, the Wine Aromas wine education kit will improve your appreciation for wines
  • Presented in an elegant book for wine lovers
  • 54 index cards explain the real link between aromas and wine
  • A guide-book will accompany you with its rich illustrations and practical exercises to teach you how to taste wines the world over
  • The learning tool for amateur and professional wine lovers
  • Carmine clothbound book box, size 294 x 382 x 55 mm, weight 3.750 kg
  • List of aromas: Lemon, grapefruit, orange, pineapple, banana, lychee, melon, Muscat, apple, pear, quince, strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant, blueberry, cherry, apricot, peach, almond, prune, walnut, hawthorn, acacia, lime, honey, rose, violet, green pepper, mushrooms, truffles, wine lees, cedar, pine, licorice, blackcurrant bud, cut hay, thyme, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, saffron, leather, musk, butter, toast, roasted almonds, roasted hazelnut, caramel, coffee, dark chocolate, smoky note

Technical description

Warranty 3 years

The Brand

le nez du vin


Le Nez du Vin will be for you they way to learn a true language to describe wine and express yourself. All wine professionals, sommeliers, restaurateurs, winemakers, students, teachers, colleges of enology, universities, catering schools, winemakers, winemakers, wine clubs and many more fans use Le Nez du Vin.


Jean Lenoir is known and recognized by everyone in the world of wine. Burgundian, both his passion, his accent and his work demonstrate this identity. In 1978, he decided to undertake with audacity the task of introducing wine in the culture as a work of art, on the same level as music or painting.

In 1981, in search of a wine diccionary, Jean Lenoir invents Le Nez du Vin, unique work made with aromas and writings that arouse the surprise and admiration of all specialists and fans.

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